Empty envelope! 

​He missed those faint kisses that embraced his skin. The touch of her hands soothed all wither, the warmth of her breath felt comforting. 

With time, all faded; the  kisses,the warmth and the touch. 

The empty envelope now lies in the drawer missing the amity of the letters that once reposed in it.



She couldn’t draw her lips away from that tang. 

A coffee did what a boy could’ve never done! 

Dear voice in my head

​I regret to inform you that you are being eliminated from further considerations as Ms. Right. And this is all a consequence of your acts. We shared a beautiful relationship when I was small, no worries and no tensions. The spark that existed previously has faded away now. I would like to exclaim with a heavy heart that you’ve turned deceitful with time, just like the humans. Thus, you can’t be trusted anymore. 

Yours sincerely, 

The deluded 21 year old

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