Empty envelope! 

​He missed those faint kisses that embraced his skin. The touch of her hands soothed all wither, the warmth of her breath felt comforting. 

With time, all faded; the  kisses,the warmth and the touch. 

The empty envelope now lies in the drawer missing the amity of the letters that once reposed in it.



She couldn’t draw her lips away from that tang. 

A coffee did what a boy could’ve never done! 

And the world fell silent to the sound of their heart break…

Typical of the other days, he received a call from her. He told her to text him instead. Thanks to her mumbles which were out of earshot. As said by him, she sent him a message.  And it wasn’t a wonted message; instead it was something that made him fidgety. It read, “I need to tell something of great significance to you.”

As he told her to continue, suspense overshadowed him. Even a second seemed to be like an hour. Time wasn’t killing but he sure was getting murdered. As if he was being stabbed once with each passing second. But the next message that he received slit him straightaway! Little did he know that those three magical words would ever hurt him?

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Yes! She said those three words which didn’t prove to be spell – binding to him. He wasn’t in love with her and he would’ve never wanted to hurt his best friend. Fate had put him in a place where there lie a pit on one side and a trench on the other!

This was the first time he had felt this weak and feeble. Unable to think of anything else, he promptly told her to put him out of her mind as he didn’t feel the same for her and that this would blot their friendship. She read the message and replied instantly, “Hey, don’t take it gravely. I was just jesting!”

Two hearts shattered that day. One lied about kidding and the other lied, hiding behind the veil of practicality. Ironically enough, destiny had a different game plan for the both of them!

Connection, the essence of existence!

His touch sends chills down the spine. The moment his skin touches mine, I feel like melting into his arms. The way he caresses my cheeks with those faint kisses, the way he runs his fingers through my hair, all make me wish I could stop time. My lips crave for his when I feel his breath against them. I love that tingling feeling that kindles when he twiddle his hands on my back.

Many people came and went. But none was comparable to him. Not even a single one of them could arouse the feeling that could thrill me. Why is it so? What was special about him? I would wonder at times.

My thought process lead me to one surmise. Only he was the one who bewitched my mind and not my body. He was the one who found my soul! Only his heart’s frequency matched with that of mine. I was vulnerable to only him, because vulnerability is the essence of connection and connection, the essence of existence!

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Love the one’s who love you… 

It’s said, “Love the ones who love you.” She did the same. Loved the guy who loved her.

Time made her regret this fact.

After all, there are many flowers that produce fragrance but only one of them becomes your favourite.

The proposal

Another 14 Feb, Another Valentine.
He had been waiting for this day since ages. Mustering up courage, he went towards her and said,

“Hey! Will you be my time-pass for the whole of my life? “

Smilingly she replied,

” This was the only thing my ears were yearning to hear! “

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