Connection, the essence of existence!

His touch sends chills down the spine. The moment his skin touches mine, I feel like melting into his arms. The way he caresses my cheeks with those faint kisses, the way he runs his fingers through my hair, all make me wish I could stop time. My lips crave for his when I feel his breath against them. I love that tingling feeling that kindles when he twiddle his hands on my back.

Many people came and went. But none was comparable to him. Not even a single one of them could arouse the feeling that could thrill me. Why is it so? What was special about him? I would wonder at times.

My thought process lead me to one surmise. Only he was the one who bewitched my mind and not my body. He was the one who found my soul! Only his heart’s frequency matched with that of mine. I was vulnerable to only him, because vulnerability is the essence of connection and connection, the essence of existence!

#connection #love #romance


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